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EVE Online : Inferno Launching May 22nd

CCP has announced that the EVE Online Inferno expansion will officially launch on May 22nd. The crown jewel in Inferno is the reworking of major war-related game systems as well as bringing in new features.

Key features of Inferno include:

Mercenary Marketplace: pay the best guns-for-hire to settle your scores or make yourself avaialble to the highest bidders in the most notorious PVP universe in gaming

War Declarations: reworked systems to help you wage war and keep track of your legacy

Missiles and Launchers: savor every moment from launch to impact with missile launchers and dramatic new missile effects

Factional Warfare: enlist in a faction and join the entry-level game of conquest with more rewards and deeper gameplay than ever before

Visual Updates: Enhanced graphics on ship models and increased options in the industry-leading character creator

Plus Kill Reports, Unified Inventory, 16 new modules and dozens of enhancements to both graphics and gameplay

Learn more about Inferno on the EVE Online site.

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