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GrandFantasia Gold Introduction

Grand Fantasia Online Gold play an important part in the game, no player can drop up it if he plays game, and also he maybe need to value it. Our website is large floor for players to play game with cheap Grand Fantasia money, we provide nice service, good quantity, safe delivery of cheap Grand Fantasia Gold, we are service whole day, if you want to need it, you can direct us and we will give you message.

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GrandFantasia Gold News
12/12/2011 - Aeria Games
Your Aeria Games account is required for login. If you have not yet registered a free account at the Aeria website, you can do so at any time here. Remember, accounts and passwords are case sensitive! Grand Fantasia also provides a Virtual Keyb.....
25/11/2011 - A variety of innovative
Sprites are helpful little creatures that gather materials, craft items, and keep players company. Your Sprite is both your best friend and bitter enemy. Your Sprite is the key to getting rare, powerful equipment and can give you bonuses during .....
31/10/2011 - Military Ranking
In Jade Dynasty when a Guild meets certain requirements, the Guild leader may buy land, build a Guild house and create their own Guild mark. In order to do that, the Guild must have enough materials and gold which must be contributed by the guil.....
12/10/2011 - Weapons with elegance
One of the most significant changes to Grand Fantasia in version 2.5 is the major update to the game’s graphic engine. Think of the graphics update as being similar to City of Heroes’ “Ultra Mode”, you’ll be able to.....
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