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EVE Online launch Interview

Inferno, the latest in a long string of expansions to EVE Online launched earlier. We managed to catch up with CCP's Lead Game Designer Kristoffer Touborg and Senior Producer Jonathan Lander to talk all about Inferno and what it brings to EVE.

MMORPG: This is a free expansion for players, tell us about how it impacts the game?

KRISOFFER TOUBORG: It should keep that wonderful and healthy war machine going. EVE's ecosystem relies on ships being built regularly and then getting blown up, so giving players the tools to do this is essential. In faction warfare, we're now actively rewarding players for killing other players. Apart from the usual rewards of modules and salvage, players will now receive loyalty points which they can use in their factions loyalty point store. Mostly we've put a reward on contributing to your faction in a multitude of ways, to make sure war is indeed great business. We've also started balancing the frigates in EVE and will be shipping the first batch. New players get better tools to participate and join the action, so if you're worried about not being able to contribute off the bat, jump in the new frigates and go shoot someone. We're going to balance all of them and Inferno is the first round.

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