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Slightly broken in Cabal

Touched on slightly broken in Cabal. No one opposed it. Stem died Archer's frenzy war estimated to know the door. He's above the storm about how much blood left archers? Archer cried. Mad war laugh. The original does. Not open high time? Archer speed. Estimated reading will wet his pants, the mad war. Joke. Do not scold me. I play a lot of games.

Each game is PVP my crazy. People always like to PVP. I think there are points say. To talk about the operation of the game I think is WOW's. Played in the know. The same level. With the equipment. You personally can not won me half a year. Why. Because I am better than his technique. I also never won half of another. Why. I was not his technique well. These words a little bit absolute. Of course, there are professional reasons. WOW is no job most NB. Are phase grams. eg: 1 NB The ZS is impossible to win a NB of FS's. Earthshaking different to level up.

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