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Some Requirements in Shaiya


Shaiya: Characters must usually meet a Level requirement before a quest will become available.

Finding a Quest

The currently available quests will be marked with a yellow dot on the map and quests that have their task complete are shown in blue. These markers refer to an NPC that will offer the quest and they will have a respective yellow or blue glowing symbol above their head.

Reviewing Quests

The quest window (Shortcut U) will show active quests marked with a green circle and quests with a completed task will have a yellow circle. Each will provide a short description about what needs to be done in order to complete the task.


When a quest is finished a reward will be offered, usually experience, gold, equipment or items. The rewards for some of these quests will offer an optional choice of rewards, usually equipment that is specific to certain classes. Some rewards depend on time limits or the quantity of items returned.

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