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Some Useful Etiquette Introduction In Cabal

If you are given any Cabal assignment, you must summarise and repeat it in raid chat. Again, saying something in vent or any other channel of communication is not enough, even if the assignment was given verbally. This includes all healing assignments; all crowd control effects; all tanking targets; any and all other assignments, e.g. kiting mobs, dpsing in a specific location, etc. The purpose for this is to ensure that all assignments are received and completely understood.

Please keep vent clear during boss fights. Suppose you are a sociable guild, and you do hate silence, but please use common sense when talking on vent during raids, and if you are asked to be quiet, do not take it personally.

Please respect and be courteous to all other raiders and guild members – this is a game and it is meant to be enjoyable.

Never assume a wipe until it is called by the raid leader.

Never use important cool-downs such as Soulstone, Rebirth, Heroism, and Ankh without first asking permission, or until requested by the raid leader.

Please perform any and all raid assignments promptly. If you have any questions about your assignment, ask it before clicking ready on the ready check before combat.

You must have a Guild Tabard with you for raids - you may not be asked to wear it all the time, but you could expect you to have it when you ask it to be equipped.

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