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Tell You Important Skills in Shaiya

Ice: all types in Shaiya, the only pastor for spiritual attack skills, because it costs more than the Blue particular, additional attacks are particularly high. Do not point blame, water properties. Spirit of the priest with the skills to advantage: Blue and more, their attacks are particularly low, so that other skills did not attack the results, when the random points off Group knight is easy to blame a dangerous, sparking attribute blame big advantage, even more than in the general Master because the entire intelligence Master mana for all skill point 1.33; spirit priest magic attack power for all skill point 0.33.

Intelligence Master is the spiritual pastor of four times the ignition blame the pastor has an additional attack, the gap is reduced to 3 times over additional attacks and properties of high lead to ignition strange attack with the Master effect, then the gap will only attack speed problem. Anyway, this is the spirit of the priest the only effect of the attack skill to attack. Sacred Therapy: Provincial Blue, Provincial Blue added blood when the preferred skills. The most common battlefield skills. Well, to spend, what nearly a tube of blood ah.

Yi Taian: to Yitai An Zhijing! How many people this skill only exists, it is our most selfless devotee. Although have not used, please do not let Yi Taian goddess when you pay more attention to the next teammate is all around, its scope may be only 20, compared with treatment groups was also small, really finally put a further shine to the few not Yitai An.

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