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We will find them covered Eve isk shortcomings

Perhaps, each of us will make the same mistake Eve isk a person treat us very well all the time, but as long as he does one bad thing for us, we will obliterate his good things for us. We just remember other people's shortcomings and mistakes, so that we will find them covered shortcomings. However, the other people is just a mirror, we stare at each other, so we will dislike each other mutual. If we remember their advantages, and tolerate their shortcomings, and then we will think they are full of good things after a long time. As a matter of fact, as long as we remember other people's good things in our heart, the world will be beautiful! If we remember the good of others between friends, we will have many more friends; if we remember the good of each other between husband and wife, and amplify their good, their love relationship will be more harmonious; if we remember the good between family members or relatives, the family will be enjoyable. Therefore, we ought to remember the good of others and live with a grateful heart is better than we remember their shortcomings and defects, live with a painful heart. Why do not we remember the good of others? If we can always remember the good of others and if we are full of grateful heart, we will be the happiest person in the world.

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