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Cabal: Trials and Initiates

Trials and Initiates in Cabal: 1. Trials may only bid minimum gold for items, and gold must be traded to an officer immediately before receipt of the item. 2. Trials do not earn DKP for their trial raid. 3. Initiates are unable to bid DKP on any items for the first two weeks, but may bid any amount of gold. 4. Initiates may earn DKP for all raids after their trial, even before they are able to spend it. Other loot rules of the game: 1. In the event that an item receives no bids, the master looter will decide what will happen to it. In most cases it will be disenchanted. In the case of BoE items it will go to the guild bank. 2. Should a BoE item drop that you want for an alt, you may not bid on it during raid, but may buy it from the guild bank for gold after raid. 3. All patterns will either be given to the designated officer of that profession to learn, or go to the guild bank. Should you be interested in buying a pattern from the bank, contact an officer outside of raids. 4. When a set piece or token drops, only members of the level eligible to loot it may bid.
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