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The Dark Rules of the Auction House Has Been The Secret World Gold Modified

The beginning of the year, the dark rules of the auction house has been modified, may be a lot of people do not The Secret World Gold understand this. A player made ​​a dark film mechanism explain the recognition and support of the Blizzard community manager.

It is very simple to sum up, because you just enter the highest psychological level. Does not worry about that modified dark rules mechanism inhibit the malicious top price? If the bid was over, it means that people are willing to spend more gold coins to auction items. If you win the bid, then the system will make sure you spend as little as possible coins.

This is called dark shot. In fact, the rules of the auction are not as simple as you think. For example: some people made the starting price of item as 100 gold coins.

Player A made the highest bid for 500 gold, and he is the winner, but his actual bid is only 100 gold coins, not all 500 gold coins. If no one bid at the end of the auction, he will be able to obtain the return of items and 400 gold coins. Actual bids (500 - 100)

Player B bid 200 gold coins. Are prompted his bid is too low, Player A bid is now up to 200 gold coins. If the end of the auction, no one to continue bidding, then Player A will be able to obtain the return of items and 300 gold coins. Actual bids (500 - 200)

If Player B decides to bid 1000 gold, then he became the winner. Player B can be obtained after the end of the auction, the return of items and 500 gold coins.

In conclusion, as long as you enter the highest psychological level you can accept it. The system will ensure that you spend less money, as long as your psychological price is higher than others. If you lose the article, it means that someone is willing to spend more money to buy him.

This is a summary of a good dark shot.

Essentially, if you have been received the message: Your bid is too low, then it means that the other players’ dark auction’s t price of gold coins is more than you are willing to pay for the items.

In addition, we recently updated information about the auction mechanism in the game guide. You can read more here.

So 20 million is the highest bid of the auction house, right?

Correctly, the highest bid of coins auction is 20 million gold coins.


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