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NOTE: We sell only Current Item Mall! IF the Item you need is not show on our site ,you can contact our customer service tell us the right Item name ,and we will buy for you from item mall.

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Picture Item Name Price Buy
Hermes-Dragon Fear(+6) 42.00 USD Buy
Hermes-Dragonet Soul(+6) 45.00 USD Buy
Hades-Dragon Celebrate(+7) 47.00 USD Buy
Nemesis-Dragon Penna(+7) 52.00 USD Buy
Athena-Dragon Horn Halberd(+7) 56.40 USD Buy
Hades-Dragonet Soul(+7) 59.00 USD Buy
Oceanus-Breeze Himation(+8) 66.00 USD Buy
Oceanus-Breeze Trousers(+8) 66.00 USD Buy
Oceanus-Breeze Wristlet(+8) 66.00 USD Buy
Dionysus-Blue Dragon Sword(+7) 75.00 USD Buy
Hades-Dragonset Soul(+8) 87.00 USD Buy
Hermes-Dragonet Soul(+10) 90.00 USD Buy
Dionysus-Blue Dragon Bone Shield(+7) 108.00 USD Buy
Chronos-Dragon Fear(+10) 108.00 USD Buy
Dionysus-Cutting Falls Glaive(+10) 118.00 USD Buy
Hermes-Dragonet Soul(+11) 137.00 USD Buy
Oceanus-Blue Dragon Bone Shield(+10) 142.00 USD Buy
Hermes-Dragon Fear(+12) 153.00 USD Buy
Themis-Dragon Breath(+12) 168.00 USD Buy
Hermes-Dragonet Soul(+12) 169.00 USD Buy
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