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Shaiya Gold Introduction

Shaiya gold shows great role in the game, every player wants to enter into high level, at this time, you cannot leave away from Shaiya money, which can buy good arms for you, and we can value and make full use of it. Safe delivery and good quantity here for you to buy, and we are 24/7 service.

Our website has connected many kinds of cheap Shaiya gold, if you have interest, you can come here to know, and our worker will answer your double. I think we will have a good companion.

Shaiya Gold News
07/05/2012 - Tell You Important Skills in Shaiya
Ice: all types in Shaiya, the only pastor for spiritual attack skills, because it costs more than the Blue particular, additional attacks are particularly high. Do not point blame, water properties. Spirit of the priest with the skills to advant.....
24/04/2012 - Know the Shaiya GMs
Don't worry. You're in very good hands. Before we go all out in the OBT, please take time to know more about your Shaiya Game Masters. For the coming days, they'll be your tutors, your enforcers, your guides and your friends. Read through and y.....
09/04/2012 - Some Requirements in Shaiya
Requirements Shaiya: Characters must usually meet a Level requirement before a quest will become available. Finding a Quest The currently available quests will be marked with a yellow dot on the map and quests that have their task complete ar.....
24/03/2012 - To Acquire Shaiya Online
NEXON Co., Ltd. (3659.T), a worldwide leader in free-to-play online games, announced that it has reached an agreement with CHOIROCK  Games Corporation to acquire Shaiya Online, CHOIROCK's online games division.   Under the terms of t.....
09/03/2012 - Difficulty Mode Overview
When creating a character, you need to select a name, class, sex, profession, and an appearance for your character. You will also have to choose the difficulty setting for your gameplay experience. The modes are as follows: Normal Mode This mo.....
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