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Fiesta Gold News
09/02/2012 - Fiesta Online: Expedition to Adealia Launched
Outspark today announced the launch of Expedition to Adealia, a Fiesta Online expansion that delivers an array of whimsical characters, powerful allies, terrifying monsters, and magical landscapes to the world of Isya. Now top-level players can .....
01/12/2011 - Better populated nation
The developer and service provider of free to play MMO "Fiesta" the game has undergone major updates today including the Aerial War day change and the introduction of the new Gemstone and level rewards. The update also marks the change of the wa.....
30/10/2011 - Enter your account details
After you have installed the game, the Fiesta icon will appear on your desktop. Additionally, an entry for Fiesta will be added to your Windows start menu. To start the game, double-click on the desktop icon or select Fiesta from the start menu......
27/09/2011 - Operating skills of agility-type role
By Korean game company Onson Soft company develops, Outspark agent responsible for Europe and North America 3D cartoon MMORPG "Fiesta Online" website has released the next version will be added to the game's new career clown (Joker)'s Secret. Wi.....
25/09/2011 - Utilize in battle
Fiesta Online is a Free to Play / Item Mall based MMOG by NDOORS Interactive. The game features traditional JRPG-styled turn based combat and allows players to assemble groups of up to 8 player-controlled mercenaries to utilize in battle. Atlan.....
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