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Anarchy Credits Introduction

Rich experiences with Anarchy credits when you have chances to play, you will be ready enough cheap Anarchy Online credits to fighting and win the game. Our online shop store supplies enough goods for players that you like, no one wants to drop and hope life so rich, and Anarchy gold can help you.

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Anarchy Credits News
18/05/2012 - April Update Details Changes for Anarchy Online
Anarchy Online is undergoing a bit of evolution. Slowly but surely, new updates and changes are being made to the game with the goal of improving the overall experience. In the latest Anarchy Online Monthly Development Update, Game Director Fia .....
08/05/2012 - Fast travel in oversized Omni cities
While the Omni-Tek cities of Rome and Omni Entertainment are sized in accordance with the Corporate self importance they are, from a practical point of view, seriously inconvenient for players to traverse and utilize. What I suggest (most likel.....
11/04/2012 - Anarchy Online's future is so bright, it's gotta wear shades
Game Director Fia "Lindelu" Tjernberg is absolutely pumped about Anarchy Online's future, and she's not shy about promoting it. In a massive March development update post, Tjernberg discusses many projects the team has in the works for the loyal.....
28/03/2012 - Anarchy Online : Fia Tjernberg Interview has partnered with Funcom to bring our readers a brand new interview with Anarchy Online Game Director Fia Tjernberg. In addition to that, we have a first-ever video featuring the new look that Anarchy Online will sport when the new e.....
10/03/2012 - Vote for AO!
The gaming site Massively has another columnist doing a 'Choose My Adventure' where the readers vote on what MMO he should play and do a report on. A year ago Beau Hindman did the same and while AO only came in 2nd in voting, Beau later did spen.....
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