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Aion kinah: We’ve heard requests from players who wished to see ship-to-ship combat

The frozen earth of Ice-crown roils with throngs of the undead Scourge, reanimated bodies so numerous that there are few physical locations where the Horde and the Alliance can build their camps and strongholds. Instead, the defenders of Azeroth take Aion kinah to the sky.

Two gunships, the Sky-breaker of the Alliance and Orgrim's Hammer, named for the former War-chief of the Horde, patrol the skies of Ice-crown. Creating the gunship battle in Ice-crown Citadel was a unique and exciting challenge for the World of Warcraft team.

For quite some time, we've heard requests from players who wished to see ship-to-ship combat realized in the game.

Since Ice-crown Glacier doesn't have much in the way of flowing water, we opted to use the gunships, which were already a major fixture of the Ice-crown zone, to bring that idea to life.

In the battle, players take on the role of the combat crew for their faction's ship: either the Sky-breaker on the Alliance side, helmed by Muradin Bronze-beard, or Orgrim's Hammer on the Horde side, helmed by High Overlord Saur-fang.

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