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Guardian of the eight other transfer systems

Following last week's official release "demons legend" after today, Guangyu game officially exposure of the "Omen legend" the core game play, so this in 2011 with "PK" as the core of the pursuit of fantasy games for the first time opened a new mystery, so concerned about what her players to see.

As a cutting-edge magic for, "the legendary Omen" has a lot of great game play elements. From the background, the game's European grand magical legend modeled painted a picture of epic space-time changes. Route from the role, the game contains a Warrior, Mage, Ranger and the priest four professional players can freely choose according to their preferences. It is worth mentioning that, also corresponding to the four major professional fighting mad, guardian of the eight other transfer systems, and variety of professional game can be seen! Thus, players will in the "legend of demons" in the experience of a most passionate, the most innovative magic festival.

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