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How to Get The Most From Your MMO

How to enjoy your MMOs? Good question. Perhaps everyone has his own answer. Gamedaily post this "How to Get the Most from your MMO", while the following list is by no means exhaustive, these tips will help you get the most out of your MMO experience. Enjoy it!

1, They're popular but not always easy to play

With World of Warcraft's following at 11 million strong (and growing), there's no doubt that people everywhere are willing to drop their spare change for another month of questing and role-playing. While other massively multiplayer games are struggling to keep up, a number of them retain loyal followings. For new and casual players, however, learning all the ins and outs of an MMO game can be a daunting task. While the following list is by no means exhaustive, these tips will help you get the most out of your MMO experience.

2,  Join a guild!

It's the no-duh way to jump into the action. Form a guild with real-life pals or online friends. Or, try to get into a guild with a notorious reputation. Whichever path you choose, choose wisely. Some guilds focus solely on PVP, while others may be more interested in crafting. Spend some time with prominent guild members, check out their online space and get to know them before you sign the roster.

3, Be a Civil Servant

Just like real life �C it's important to make friends in the game. How? Be generous. Help newbies with low-level quests and don't ask for anything in return. Help them collect items, especially those located in dangerous locations. If you want your character to be respected, act respectable. While you should do this out of the kindness of your (or your character's) own heart, this doesn't mean it won't pay in spades later on.

4, Listen, Don't Beg

Begging for items is the quickest way to get on other players' nerves. Unless you're playing an old school game like Ultima Online, and your corpse was looted, leaving you with no money or possessions, the only way you lost your fortune would be through your own impropriety. Money and elite armor comes to those who wait. So, instead of asking for money, why not try asking for advice? Even a battle-hardened player is likely to impart some words of wisdom or tip to make playing more manageable. At the same time, ignore advice that will strip the fun out of playing. There is no right or wrong way to play an open world game... just your way.

5, Limitless Ability

The easiest ways to get bored in an MMO is to by playing as the same kind of character or only raiding and overlooking other activities, like crafting. Sure, playing as a rogue was fun for a while, but maybe you'd rather heal than steal. Maybe all the high fantasy of orcs and elves has gotten you down, and you'd like to return to play as a human. Are you spending too much time trying to kill every player you see? Stop and smell the roses, spending some time to explore every nook and cranny of the beautifully crafted landscape. Don't be afraid to reroll. In most games, you can have more than one character, so you can always tuck one away for safe keeping and experiment with another kind of character and play style. Doing this helps a game like WoW feel fresh during those long waits between expansion packs.

6, Move Beyond the Game

For starters, why have you sworn loyalty to just one game? Try something else. Not all MMOs are WoW clones. Also, don't be afraid to step outside the game to expand your MMO horizons. There are undoubtedly countless fans sites dedicated to your favorite game, and if it has a long enough history, there's usually a great amount of lore for you to read. Official books (such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, for those who play Turbine's MMO) and fan fiction are other sources help immerse you in the experience whenever you jump back in. Some games, like Warcraft, have a gaming history worth checking out. Whatever medium you prefer, there is plenty to expand the game's universe.

7, Take Your Time

After reading or playing to get your lore, come back at a slower pace. Do you always take the game's tram system to get from point A to point B? What's the rush? The game isn't ending any time soon (most MMOs have no end). Don't avoid enemy mobs along the way; it may take some of your time, but it's the easiest way to bolster your experience points (XP). You also never know which creature will drop an elite item. Take time to examine all the objects in your surroundings. Are any of them clickable? If you rush, you might miss a hidden quest series, a secret passageway or a great item that's sitting in plain sight. And take the time to read what NPCs have to say they often impart helpful info and potential quests.

8, Host a Party
If you want to really get into things, you can always host in-game events. If holding a wedding or funeral sounds too serious for your tastes, you can always throw a good old-fashioned party. Invite some musicians (Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars Galaxies), dancers, and barkeeps and have a good time. Be sure to take pictures to capture the moment

9, Not All Female Night Elfs Are Created Equal

Playing in a virtual world is fun, but some things aren't always what they seem. That female night elf(Er... why not blood elf?) who has been flirting with you the past week might be a dude trying to curry your favor. People will often play as characters of the opposite sex, perhaps reaping the strategic or combat benefits in your particular game of choice), or some do it just to mess with your head. Learn how to spot a fake before your online romance gets too heated. You wouldn't want to find out a year into it that the love of your virtual life is getting a good laugh with his buddies.



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