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Ragnarok Online goes local featuring Philippine folklore

The famous web game Ragnarok Online (RO) which was introduced in the Philippines nine years ago will have its local version featuring characters and their powers based on Philippine folklore.

According to the local online game portal Level Up! Philippines, it will launch the latest patch called PortMalaya. It is the first Philippine-themed RO game map that features myths, legends, places and situations that are all uniquely Pinoy. The patch will be rolled out globally after six months.

Roy Inciong, Brand Group Head and RO Brand Manager of Playweb Games Incorporated, said Port Malaya brings a new world for gamers to explore.

"We're keeping the fun of the game alive in RO and we hope to stoke gamer interest by infusing characters and scenarios that show all these interesting aspects of Philippine culture and beliefs. Something that all pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online) players will be familiar with," Inciong said.

The executive said the game features local mythical monsters such as the Tikbalang (benevolent horse), Wak Wak (gigantic bat in Cebu), Bangungot (dream monster), Manananggal (half-bodied woman witch with bat wings) and Tiyanak (vampire baby), among others.

Inciong said their company's target for Port Malaya would be 75 percent old users of RO and only about 20 percent new users.

"Over the years, RO has been able to keep fresh with regular content updates and strong gamer community involvement. It has managed to retain a solid gamer base in the Philippines," Inciong said.

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