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Runes of Magic employ a dual-class system

Runes of Magic is a free to play fantasy MMORPG created by Taiwanese developer Runewalker Studios. Frogster Interactive brought Runes of Magic to both European and North American audiences in 2009. The first expansion, The Elven Prophecy, went live in late 2009 and The Elder Kingdoms debuted in early 2010. The next 'chapter', Lands of Despair, is set to release in mid-2011.

Runes of Magic takes place in the mythical land of Taborea, a world enveloped in conflict and turmoil. Players participate in missions, quests, and train their skills. There are also dungeon sieges and, for the PvP players, solo and guild on guild battles.

Runes of Magic employ a dual-class system where players can blend character traits to become more versatile. Runes of Magic also feature player housing and guild castles. Runes can be applied to gear interchangeably, giving players an almost unlimited array of customization abilities.

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