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The basic of Knight

Attacking. How do you attack in Knight? You can either select a monster with your left click by click on it or pressing "Z", this will select the closest monster to you. Once selected, the enemy or monster's health bar will appear at the top of the screen. To attack a monster or enemy with a basic attack, press R. This will have your character continuously hitting the monster.

To move around, you can either use the keys "W" (forward) "S" (backward) "A" (tilt to the left) "S" tilt to the right. Or you could click on the ground where you want your character to go to. Hold the click and it will follow the cursor. Earlier, the concepts of comboing and sliding were introduced. I cannot explain this in this guide, it would be too long and it may distract you from the objective of this guide. I will, however, introduce to you how this works in game.

Comboing. What is comboing? There was a huge debate whether this was a bug or not. But nowadays, it is considered more like a skill. Not everyone in KO knows how to combo properly, and if you manage to master this technique, you have a huge advantage over many other people. The objective of comboing is cancelling the skill animation with any of the cancellation skills to use the next or same skill. This allows you to use the next skill faster to level up, dealing more damage.


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