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Moderate Coffee Is Good For Female Maple Story Mesos Healthy

A study conducted in Europe prove whether it is wine, beer, spirits, only if the Maple Story Mesos beverages contain alcoholic, they will be improved to varying degrees incidence of breast cancer. Overall, the high-dose alcohol risk of breast cancer increased by 27% and increased risk of low-dose drinking breast by 14%. The results show that if female drink a cup of wine a day, alcohol intake is less than or equal to 12.5 g, 4% increase in breast cancer incidence. If people intake alcohol is greater than 12.5 g, breast cancer incidence rate increased from 40% to 50%.

Why alcohol will causes high incidence of breast cancer? She explained: " vivo estrogen levels of women have the relationship with breast cancer risk with alcohol metabolism exist breast-related enzymes. The body cannot metabolize alcohol which can make changes in the estrogen receptor, estrogen levels increase and change the breast cell cycle. So, she does not recommend that women drink, especially breast cancer in high-risk populations, such as delayed marriage and childbearing, with maternally inherited familial history of breast cancer, breast dysplasia but also to avoid alcohol, even drink a little bit.

The network crazy passes a message that says “long-term drinking milk will lead to female breast cancer, because soy contains large amounts of plant estrogen, and estrogen is high risk factor of breast cancer." In fact, drink milk can effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer, but also can reduce the risk of recurrence in breast cancer patients.

International studies for coffee and a lot of the breast, but highly controversial, some studies suggest that coffee will hurt the breast, but the other part of the research that coffee can protect the breast. Tea, the caffeine in coffee, with the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer correlated. Drank four or more cups of coffee, can make menopause the incidence of breast cancer increased by 6%, if the breast cancer gene mutations in familial cases, can increase the incidence of breast cancer, 69% of women drank more than six cups of coffee is best not to, black tea is also best not to long-term heavy drinking, but it is recommended to drink green tea, green tea is internationally recognized as an effective anti-cancer tea to drink.

Many people think that eating vitamin can prevent breast cancer, but Liao Ningzhu Ren pointed out that this is a misunderstanding. In a large family of vitamins, only vitamin A has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer effect, while others vitamins is harmful or beneficial for breast unclear. Vitamin D has no direct relationship with breast cancer, but it is thought to reduce the mortality rate of 7%.

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