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Kal Gold Introduction

kal geons shows great role in the game, every player wants to enter into high level, at this time, you cannot leave away from kal online geons, which can buy good arms for you, and we can value and make full use of it. Safe delivery and good quantity here for you to buy, and we are 24/7 service.

Our website has connected many kinds of kal gold, if you have interest, you can come here to know, and our worker will answer your double. I think we will have a good companion.

Kal Gold News
17/12/2011 - Enemy attack
If the outer Swordsman enemy attack is the most direct and overbearing physical harm, then, Cheats, "Huoyan Dao" sucked the damage increase to more the double the realm of terror! Swordsmen Cheats "Huoyan Dao" will infuriating into flame attache.....
07/12/2011 - The characters in the fighting
As an action game will be a major selling point of the game, "KAL" skills delivery system and its operations are closely related. The game uses W, S, A, D control characters, the way the mouse conversion perspective, using the key combination t.....
22/08/2011 - Take a rest and do some other things with Kal gold
Grinding is quite annoying in online games. Even some people choose to grind with Kal gold. Game set in each map a number of events triggered whenever the player and the completion of these events, you can get the attributes called features. Th.....
14/08/2011 - Kal Online is 3D Fantasy MMORPG
Kal Online is a veteran free-to-play MMORPG that was first released in 2004. The game still has a popular following and continues to be updated regularly. One of the most distinguishing features in Kal Online is the large, wide open environments.....
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