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WOW GOLD players are going to learn a lot when more players are at 80.

Our cheap wow gold services are completely legitimate, ensuring that only human players will ever play your character. Our leveling services can get you to your desired level, with your desired faction and money all for competitive and low prices.It is certainly our goal to make all classes competitive in Arenas. I think we have made improvements from BC. WOW GOLD players are going to learn a lot when more players are at 80 and everyone starts to try out different strats and comps. I do feel pretty comfortable predicting that the issues players are worried about now will not be the ones we're all worried about in 3 months. Dark horses always have a way of sneaking up on you.I understand the problem with perceptions, and it can sometimes be frustrating that players who can be so well-informed about their own classes could be so out of touch with changes that have occured to other classes. It's just a big game. We definitely can't buff classes or specs just as part of a PR campaign to shake people's mindsets. But that will come with time.Keep in mind that guilds like this are comprised of people who have bested every raid encounter we've released since Onyxia and Molten Core. They've made it a focus for years now to conquer every piece of PvE content we put out there, and do it first. Knowledge, experience, and teamwork are built rapidly when struggling through so many different boss encounters.


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